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Wi-Fi is the technology used for wireless networking. If your computer has a wireless card, it is most likely Wi-Fi compatible. The wireless card transmits to a wireless router, which is also based on the Wi-Fi standard. Wireless routers are often connected to a network, cable modem, or DSL modem, which provides Internet access to anyone connected to the wireless network.

Wireless Excellence WiFi products are ideal for providing in-building coverage for corporate, ISP and Telecom applications, using our high quality telecom-grade solutions.

Highly integrated All-in-One WiFi Hotspot unit with on-board authentication, bandwidth allocation, Firewall and QoS features for public internet access, retail, ISP, WiFi service provider and corporate applications.
Centralised controller-based solutions are available for large campus sites, hotels, airports and public spaces

Bluetooth is the technology often used for wireless keyboards and mice, wireless printing, and wireless cell phone headsets. In order to use a device such as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, your computer must be Bluetooth-enabled or have a Bluetooth adapter installed.