About Us

RAPTOR, a fast growing leader in Business and Technology solutions extending to Networking & IT infrastructure, state of the art quality Hardware and software products for corporate and individual sector.

Raptor team commitment to its clients include best services at all given time with integrity. We strive to serve our clients to help them build better business. We truly believe in Team work, TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE.

With our experience , expertise and passion to deliver the best , we help our clients build stronger and efficiency to enhance productivity. Raptor , single focus is to make sure that you have the best and the most appropriate technology infrastructure to support your informational requirements. Raptor has been at the forefront of supporting technological developments in IT/Network Solutions, Support Solutions and Security Solutions. We have an experienced team of IT professional’s expert in all fields of today’s complicated networking and IT world, we have proven records of success in doing this for a wide range of organization with a unique capability .

Raptor does not depend on a specific hardware or software coverage. Raptor supports all makes and brands of hardware as well as all operating systems and software (including client specific). Raptor has the expertise and freedom to advise and implement what is right for the client–and not being limited to certain products, software and systems. Raptor believes in providing quality solutions with the priority of protecting our client’s interests, orients its solutions towards providing Cost effective technology balanced with quality standards. Raptor prides itself in its innovative approach to customer support and service and boasts many of the UAE’s leading organizations as its clients. Being based in the region enables Raptor to understand the specific needs and requirements of clients in the Middle East. Raptor Professional Service Desk offers client’s peace of mind for their IT support needs, From Secure Remote Support Solutions to Network Security Solutions to a complete Unified Communications Solution, Raptor skills and experience can be trusted to support your IT infrastructure needs.


  • Passion for performance: we at RAPTOR, place our commitment to our organization and clients first. Our drive and passion to strive hard to give our best to our work and service help us sustain for the best performance.
  • Innovation: we define our work to initiate new ways to deliver our best to you. We offer accountability, responsibility, services in ways effective to shape your businesses ,profitability and cost effectiveness.
  • Teamwork: RAPTOR defines TEAM, Together We Achieve More. Our team comprises of an organization which includes us and all of our clients. The more we work together, the more we achieve and further we grow.
  • Service excellence: we truly believe in giving our best at all possible times, to help you succeed in a ever changing business environment. We track technology trends and strategize directions for customers. Our experienced guidance will reshape clients business models to succeed and evolve for a brighter future.
  • Integrity: we at RAPTOR value our clients and their opinions as much as we do to our organization. We always yearn to do the right things, never comprising on our ethics and integrity. We emulate all of these to make us a better, reliable and an able Company.
  • Customer focus: we work towards the expectations of our clients, giving them the highest quality in service and products. Our only focus and conviction is client satisfaction.


  • Raptor vision is to be the best choice for our clients and a market leader.
  • Raptor nurtures a to be a winning network to clients and suppliers to create a mutual rewarding value.
  • Raptor urges to be highly effective, recommended, trustworthy and fastest growing organization.

The Management:

  • Management team comprises of best experts who render to all the needs and requirements of our clients.
  • Our competence and conviction towards our work has led us until now and has been leading us further towards the brighter future.
  • Our management has been the leading force keeping the values alive and bringing the organization vision to life and success.